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A monster can be used during the transfiguration of unique abilities

"RIFT Online" explains people, elves and orcs (provisional translation) three cultural coexistence dream globe, just like amazingly caverns and offer duplicates of such different themes, actions to perform Tarot card different ethical features, such as "Magic" "chariot", "tower", etc., plus the monster credit score cards deformation methods, actions and provides a number of PVP program.

"Rift" to the Tarot card started in ancient Tuscany as the primary functions of the program, activity, 78 credit score cards, and can be separated into 22 primary credit score cards (Major Arcana) and 56 patios (Minor Arcana), by by the propagate in the "Rift" on the landmass these tarot credit score cards, players can bring out the aspect the excellent of exercising, abilities enhancement, the aspect of transfiguration (monster), etc., can also be connected to the Tarot card to get unique weaponry abilities. EYA Interactive pointed out that individuals, you can also use fall monster card, changed into adorable monster, a monster can be used during the transfiguration of unique abilities through the encounter of other fun when the monster of the encounter procedure.

"Rift" is a ancient dream style along with the gypsy cultural style of MMORPG, the encounter provides a individual, orcs, elves three competitions for players to choose, and has dungeons, PVP and other features of the system; Moreover, for Another promoting function is to have the Tarot card (tarot) credit score cards basically of the program.

Following the "LUNA Online" complete of mystery, knowledge, wonder of the Roman goddess of the moon as the encounter name, also from South South korea  R & D of the "RIFT Online" also in Greek myth, the goddess of the spectrum with a wonderful smile, name, along with from the ancient Tarot card concept; players can adventure through the globe in the RIFT procedure, gather various allegorical Tarot card, for their capability to enhance, transform, or add unique abilities to weaponry so, we can say is the core of the whole game; activity everywhere and the landscape is more closely relevant to the pentagram tarot style.